Pregnancy Scan in North Sydney

Pregnancy Scan Center in North Sydney

Ultrasound is a highly valuable tool for assessing the progress of your baby during pregnancy. Ultrasound scans use sound waves instead of radiation to produce images of the baby as well as its surroundings including the placenta and uterus.

Harbour Radiology in North Sydney have a staff of highly trained sonographers who will perform your ultrasound and ensure your comfort throughout the examination. Female sonographers are available upon request.

At Harbour radiology we utilise the latest technology to perform all pregnancy scan services. These include:

  • First-trimester dating
  • Second-trimester morphology
  • Third-trimester growth ultrasound

We aim to make it as easy as possible for patients and their referring clinicians to access high quality imaging care:

  • Our seamless image/report system provides fast and easy access to both referring clinicians and their patients – even when multiple specialists are involved
  • We have created an app and portal for both clinicians and patients to access images and reports from any Apple or Android device from anywhere in the world
  • Free parking for patients or just a short walk from North Sydney station and bus stops
  • Bulk-billing available for the majority of services

For more information, call us on 9188 5280

Address: 138 Walker Street, North Sydney
Phone: 02 9188 5280
Fax: 02 9188 5281

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