Referral request forms

At Harbour Radiology we strive to ensure we can seamlessly integrate with the needs of referring clinicians to offer a streamlined pathway to imaging services for patients on the lower North Shore.

We have created several different radiology referral request forms from which referring clinicians can choose depending on their preferred system – blank request forms and boxed request forms which are suitable to be scanned and integrated with a practice management system, as well as more conventional forms which can be printed and manually filled out.

Links are provided below:

If you would like to order more referral pads, please email us at and we will more than happily have these delivered to your practice.

Please also contact us if you would like an alternative format and we will have this custom made for your practice.

Accessing results

Harbour Radiology uses the Medinexus portal to provide fast, convenient and portable access to diagnostic images and reports for both referring clinicians and patients in the North Shore area.

It operates seamlessly within many clinical systems including: Medical Director, Best Practice, Genie, Medtech 32, Shexie, Audit4, CCOS, Medinet, Profile, Total Care and others. Images and reports can also be viewed on mobile devices and tablets.

Please see our results page for setup instructions and access links, as well as the Medinexus website.

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