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Harbour Radiology

The field of diagnostic and interventional Radiology has grown from its simple roots after discovery of X-ray by Röntgen to a field that uses sound waves, magnetic fields and ionising radiation to diagnose and treat human pathology. We don’t forget that behind the images seen on our screens, generated by a variety of modern imaging equipment, is a patient and a clinical question.

At Harbour Radiology, we are inspired by the hard work of our clinical colleagues diagnosing and treating human disease, and will do our best to use our expertise to assist our colleagues, and ultimately our patients. Modern medicine relies predominantly on imaging, allowing us to observe an interesting mix of human pathology.

In summary, radiology is nothing more than human pathology seen through differential sound waves, the attenuation and reflection of different tissues exploited by ultrasound, differential x-ray beam absorptions exploited by x-rays, and CT and complicated T1 and T2 relaxation times of different tissues used in MRI imaging, all of which has no meaning unless put into correct clinical context.

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How We Started

Harbour Radiology, North Sydney, opened its doors to patients on 11th April 2016, but behind the relatively simple Scandinavian-inspired clean-lined facade of Harbour Radiology, is many years of work by Vahid, Nick and Adam.

The idea started many years ago, when Nick and Vahid developed a passion for physics and mathematics at the medical school of UNSW. During those years, they had little idea that pathology is nothing more than the study of human suffering using any tool available to humankind, be it photons of light used by traditional Pathologists, electromagnetic radiation, or sound waves used by Radiologists! Their shared passion planted the seeds of Harbour Radiology. They would soon meet Adam, their future partner, at John Hunter Hospital, where they completed specialist Radiology training.

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