CT-Guided Spine Injections

Spinal interventional injections are one of the pain management procedures we offer. It is an alternative treatment for patients who are suffering from pain and not responding to conservative treatments.
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Our specialty-trained Radiologists have vast experience and training in this field.

Typical reasons for a patient requiring this treatment option can be to reduce inflammation, provision of long term pain relief, help patients in tolerating rehabilitative exercises or assist physicians in determining the cause of back pain. Our Radiologists have years of training in spinal injections. We perform these daily across our practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

These procedures are very safe with our Radiologists. There will be a small exposure to radiation as CT scanning takes place throughout the procedure.

Complications from these injections are extremely rare, and our highly experienced Radiologists are trained to deal with them if they arise.

If you have any concerns please discuss them with your referring practitioner prior to receiving your referral.

Spinal injections must be referred from a medical practitioner. They are usually referred after a scan has identified an area of the spine that has an abnormality.

You must discuss with your referring practitioner to decide if a spinal intervention is right for you.

We bulk bill all spinal injections and interventions.

The total time is roughly 30 minutes for this procedure. However, it can vary depending on your own specific requirements. Please ask our reception team to provide you with an accurate appointment length.

What is involved with a CT Guided Spinal Injection?

The procedure involves a needle being inserted into the spine at the region of concern. A local anaesthetic is given first, then another needle injects a small amount of corticoid steroid into the targeted area. You will need to lay down on your stomach for up to 30 minutes, and throughout you will be able to talk to the Radiologist.

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