EOS Imaging

Harbour Radiology takes pride in being the first imaging provider in South West Sydney to install the EOSedge Imaging System. This ultra-low-dose 2D-3D system captures high-quality, detailed images of patients in natural standing positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

No special preparation is required for an EOS exam, but wear loose-fitting clothing without metal buckles, zips or fasteners . A gown may be provided if required for your convenience. If pregnant, inform your doctor and our staff when booking.

Bring a current referral, any relevant films, reports, and your Medicare or Department of Veterans Affairs card.

You will be asked to step inside the scanner and remain still. The scanner, gentle and non-intrusive, moves vertically from head to toe without touching you. With two perpendicular x-ray tubes and detectors capturing front and side views simultaneously. A skilled and experienced radiographer will perform the scan.

The setup for an EOS scan lasts around 5 minutes and the scan itself is incredibly quick and takes approximately 20 seconds.

This low-dose imaging system delivers radiation 9 times less than standard xray and 20 times less than computer tomography scans. This is beneficial for patients who require frequent imaging and for paediatric imaging. EOS imaging does involve a very small dose of radiation, which makes this test unsuitable for women who are, or might be pregnant. The benefits of an EOS outweigh the potential risks involved.

Your doctor will receive a detailed 3D model of your skeleton with precise measurements from head to toe. A radiologist will interpret the scan and provide a comprehensive report to your referring doctor. Ensure a timely follow-up appointment to discuss the results, which will be sent directly to your referring doctor. Your EOS scan images are accessible via the patient portal and reports are usually available within 5 days, allowing time for your doctor to review before your follow-up.

EOS IS BULK BILLED - (for all Medicare eligible examinations).

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