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Dental Imaging (OPG, Lat Ceph and Cone Beam)

OPG, Lat Ceph and CBCT are unique Xray's of the lower face, jaw and mouth. They are utilised primarily by Dentists or Orthodontists in all areas of practice from routine cleanings to implant surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Orthopantomagramm (OPG) is a panoramic X-ray image of the mandible and teeth. It utilises a special X-ray machine to obtain the image, this often involves biting down on a thin piece of plastic while seated.

Lateral Cephalometric Radiograph (Lat Ceph) is a type of side on or 'profile' facial X-ray which images the lower face, jaw and teeth.

Cone Beam CT or CBCT is a type of X-ray imaging that produced a 3D scan of the jaw, mandible and teeth. This scan is often used in planning tooth implant surgery. The dosage of radiation is higher than standard OPG imaging. Please ask your referring practitioner if you have any questions.

All OPG and Lat Ceph is bulk billed at Harbour Radiology. Cone Beam (CBCT) costs $150 out of pocket, it is a fully private scan with no Medicare item number.

How to prepare for a Dental X-Ray or CBCT

No preparation is required for these scans.

Dental imaging scans are not available at all practices. Please call your closest practice to find out where they are available. 

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