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Image Guided Biopsy

Image Guided Biopsy is a procedure which takes a sample of tissue or liquid using a needle. This procedure is usually short, between 20-40 minutes and always conducted by one of our highly trained Radiologists with assistance from one of our senior technicians.
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What is the process of an Image Guided Biopsy?

Our Radiologist will discuss the procedure with you in a private room. The Radiologist may inject some local anaesthetic prior the to biopsy to reduce any discomfort. The biopsy itself will be conducted using real-time, dynamic imaging (such as Ultrasound) to locate and guide a needle towards the region of interest then a small amount of cells are taken and sent to a Pathology laboratory for identification. These results are sent back to your referring doctor.


How do I prepare for an Image Guided Biopsy?

Preparation is usually not required for any Image Guided Biospy. However, our friendly time is available to discuss any questions you may have regarding this procedure.

Please do inform our team if you take any special medications, such as blood thinners or anticoagulants and if you have any implanted medical devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Image Guided Biopsies have a $90 gap. The upfront fee is dependent on the type of biopsy, but ranges between $320-$370 but out of pocket it will only cost you $90 after the rebate.

Please ask our friendly reception team to accurately quote the upfront cost for a biopsy if you require it.

Post-procedure restrictions are usually minimal for these procedures, and generally there are no restrictions. However, it is dependent on the type of biopsy and how well tolerated it is, but our experienced team of doctors will be able to discuss any restrictions that may need to be follow post-procedure.

Please ask our friendly reception team if you have any concerns regarding restrictions post-procedure.

Image Guided Biopsies are generally very safe, as the only invasive element is a needle. Some bleeding is from the site of the biopsy can occur, but any other complications are rare. If you do have any concerns regarding the procedure, it is best to discuss these with your treating doctor when they are referring you for the scan.

After samples have been obtained, we send them to a pathology laboratory where a Pathologist, (a highly trained medical doctor in pathology) will examine the samples to determine their biochemical make up. These results are sent back to your referring doctor for review and further management.

Please note that we do not process the pathology ourselves, it is sent to a third party laboratory. Result times can vary depending on the samples, but will always be sent to your referring doctor. If you have any questions regarding this please ask our reception team.

Image Guided Biopsies at Harbour Radiology can be under a local anaesthetic (localised numbing), but we do not offer sedation (being put to sleep).

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